Did you know? 15 out of 15 ducks are ducks

I’m Yonatan Epstein.

I make stuff.

prepare yourself


People call me Yonatan, or Yonatan, or both. I make stuff and people usually see it. Well, I hope they do.  But if you’re here then you saw them, yay I feel special now.

Animations, music, anime (animation but Japanse), designs and other forms of art. I’m like, very talented.

Oh also I love ducks.

take a look


I am proud of what I create, and if not I’ll feed it to the ducks.

knowledge is everything. (and ducks)

My Skills


I started a decade ago, over 200 works, and created over 900 hours of content.


Electronic, dance, house, chill,hip hop, jazz, rock, pop, rock-pop ,trance, Latin, techno, trap, chill, and more. I know all of those and made at least 2 hours of each, and more.


Director of 5 films, 2 TV shows.

Second unit director of 2 anime. 

I’ve been in this business for quite some time; I made horror, documentaries, comedies, and kids content.



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